Personal Trainers Get Obese

Personal Trainers Get Obese to do their Jobs. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? After all, how can they inspire their customers if they are grossly overweight? We all know that personal trainers pride themselves on being in great shape all year round. However, In a new reality TV for A&E, a

Fat to Fit Sneak Peek

We all know that personal trainers pride themselves on being in great shape all year round. However, In a new reality TV for A&E, a group of ten top of the line personal trainers  radically change their diets and stop exercises for 4 months to gain weight over a 4 month period.  What for, you may be wondering? Once they are morbidly obese, they are paired with obese clients and both start on a journey to get in shape together.

Although it could be detrimental to their health, all of these trainers wanted the challenge: to prove themselves that they could do it. At the same time, they want to inspire obese people to see that there’s someone like them guiding them back to health and literally taking them by the hand.

For more information about Fat to Fit, please read this article from the New York Post.

Let’s take a look at some of these trainers as they describe their Fit to Fat journey.

Katie Mack, 29 years old.

Katie Mack, 29. (Courtesy from NY Post(
Katie Mack, 29. (Courtesy from NY Post)

Katie is in amazing shape all year round. This -foot-5, 123 pound personal trainer knows well the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. And now thanks to this challenge, is more aware than ever of the problems associated with overweight. She gained over 50 pounds in merely 4 months by just doubling her calorie intake while reducing her exercise level to zero.  And not only did she gain weight but her mood swings got out of control, to the point that she broke up with her boyfriend who could not put up with  her ways any more.

According to the NY POST:

Mack says she “started bawling” when she was told she was able to stop the high-calorie diet, but it took a month of healthy eating before the nausea subsided. She eased into exercising, first with long walks and slow bike rides, then graduating to cardio machines and, finally, running, spurred on by the goal of competing in her annual half-marathon in Yonkers.

She is glad she’s back in shape now!


Adonis Hill, 35

Adonis Hill, 35
Adonis Hill, 35

Adonis’ weight before was 217 pounds and his weight after doubling his caloric intake went to 286 pounds. Almost 70 pounds of fat gain in merely 5 months. This seemed like a Dejavú for this man from Clinton Hill, in Brooklyn. Only three years before he had actually started his own weight-loss journey that motivated him to become a personal trainer himself and inspire others struggling to be healthy. This was not an easy decision for him. He knew he had the ability and willpower to lose weight, but he was afraid of old habits coming back.

“When I was overweight, there were a lot of things I was fighting, like depression,” Hill tells The Post. “Another big fear was getting my man-boobs back.”

And also an interesting observation he made was about how he was perceived by the opposite sex now that we was 69 pounds heavier.

“You don’t want to date as much when you have a different body,” he says. “With new females, they were pulling back. I don’t think they even noticed it. People do treat you way different when you gain weight.”


It will be amazing to see these super trainers get back in shape and help a morbidly obese person along the way.

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